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    Welcome to Hidden Valais Ranch

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    Welcome to Hidden Valais Ranch

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Welcome to Hidden Valais Ranch

Where Valais Dreams Come to Life: Nurturing Heritage, and
Crafting Companionship

Hidden Valais Ranch, nestled in Riverton, Utah, started breeding Valais sheep in 2017. We trademarked the adorable Valaisdoll and became pioneers, introducing Pureblood Valais to the US in 2021. Our focus is growing our purebred flock and mentoring fellow Valais enthusiasts. Join us in this incredible journey with these amazing sheep!


Ethical Breeding

Friendly &
Socialized Lambs

Valais blacknose sheep and more...

What Hidden valais Ranch offers

Valais Sheep

High-quality Valais Sheep breed and sold out of the beehive state

The sheep you've been waiting for

Hidden Valais Ranch provides some of the purest bred and most adorable sheep this side of the Mississippi. All sheep are 100% ethically bred with the highest form of genetics you can get when it comes to Valais Doll Sheep. Check our flock page to see all of our adorable Valais Sheep!

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Why Hidden Valais Ranch

Crafting Valais Charisma,
Fostering Family

At Hidden Valais Ranch, we pride ourselves on offering quality genetics, serving as the original source for Valais Blacknose and their crosses. Our commitment to ethical breeding practices ensures a clean, disease-free flock. Moreover, our lambs are not just raised but held and socialized daily, fostering friendly and less timid companions.


Ethical Breeding Practices


Purebred Valais Sheep

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Valais sheep...

Valais sheep are often described as the "cutest sheep in the world" due to their striking black faces, distinctive spiral horns, and fluffy white fleece. Their charming looks make them irresistible.

Valais Blacknose sheep have gained popularity globally, attracting attention from enthusiasts, breeders, and those seeking a unique and charming addition to their livestock or homestead.

These sheep are not only sociable with humans but also enjoy interactions with other animals, including dogs. Their friendly demeanor makes them an enjoyable addition to a family or farm setting.

Whether for breeding programs to maintain the purity of the Valais breed or for creating unique crosses, these sheep offer exciting possibilities for breeders interested in producing exceptional offspring.

Their wool is prized for its unique characteristics, combining softness with a remarkable curliness. Crafters and artisans appreciate their fleece for spinning into yarn, creating exceptionally cozy garments.

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