2022 Lambing – Newborn care

We usually lamb early in the season, when it is too cold to lamb on the pasture. For details on how we setup the barn, see the Prep post.

If everything is going well, the mom should quickly get up and and start licking the lamb, getting the sack off, and helping clean the lamb up. The lamb should be shaking its head and start breathing within 30 seconds or so. Within a few minutes it should be trying to stand up and within the first 30 minutes or so it should find a teat and be eating. These times can vary, so make sure you don’t panic… If you do panic thats ok, just be watching for it so you can bring in backup… i’m usually so dumb due to lack of sleep that when panic sets in i have to tap out because i can’t think straight (or at minimum call someone to talk through the situation because i probably missed something obvious).

If this doesn’t happen you can go squeegie the lambs nose and clear its mouth with your finger.


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2022 Lambing – Overview

Lambing has gone quite well this year, there have been fewer bottle babies, fewer tube feedings and just a little more sleep than previous years.

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