2022 Lambing – Overview

Lambing has gone quite well this year, there have been fewer bottle babies, fewer tube feedings and just a little more sleep than previous years. This series of post is intended to capture current thinking and some of the things we (re)learned this year. This will help us not forget them before next year, and also help us see how our thinking and learning evolves over time. I hope it helps you as well.

I’m by no means an expert at all of this, I’ve only “delivered” a few hundred lambs and welcome your thoughts, we are always learning more and improving our processes.

I’ll be updating the posts for this year as we go through this year but won’t go back to ‘fix’ things once 2023 season has started, so feel free to reach out (texting our listed phone # or facebook messenger are preferred) if you are reading these a few years later and have questions.

Links to related posts (or planned posts)

  • Prep – things to do before hand to make lambing easier
  • Labor and Delivery – getting the lambs on the ground
  • Mom postnatal care – standard steps and how to help after traumatic birth
  • Newborn care – how to know when to help, what to do
  • Ongoing care – processes to follow and some things to watch for


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