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At Hidden Valais Ranch, we pride ourselves on offering quality genetics, serving as the original source for Valais Blacknose and their crosses. Our commitment to ethical breeding practices ensures a clean, disease-free flock. Moreover, our lambs are not just raised but held and socialized daily, fostering friendly and less timid companions.

The Original Valais Doll Sheep

We ensure a clean, disease-free flock

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Authentic Purebred Valais Sheep

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Established in 2017, we’ve held a firm foothold in the Valais sheep industry. Our experience extends beyond ownership—our dedication to ethical breeding practices is our hallmark.


Ethical Breeding practices


Purebred valais Sheep

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Our Story

Hey there! I’m Emily Aune, and together with my awesome partner Joshua and our five amazing kiddos, we’re the heart and soul behind Hidden Valais Ranch, right here in the beautiful landscape of Riverton, Utah.

Our journey into Valais Blacknose sheep started back in 2017 when I dipped my toes into breeding percentage Valais sheep. Like many in this biz, we wanted to enhance the breed’s qualities, so we started what’s known as “breeding up”. We imported top-notch 100% Valais semen from New Zealand, kicking off our mission to refine and uplift the Valais lineage.

In 2018, something pretty special happened – I trademarked the Valaisdoll. It’s this awesome mix that brings together “The World’s Cutest Sheep” with the oh-so-lovable “Sheep that Smile”. Picture it as the perfect combo of the size and hardiness of babydoll sheep with the absolute cuteness of Valais. It’s like the goldendoodle of the sheep world!

Then, in 2020, big news came knocking – Valais Blacknose embryos became importable from New Zealand. We teamed up with a rad group in the Pacific Northwest and became trailblazers, introducing Pureblood Valais sheep to the US. Our proudest moment? Welcoming our very first 100% Valais lamb on February 28, 2021. It was monumental for us!

Beyond breeding, I wore another hat—I served as the Vice President of the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society (VBSS) for a solid three years. Seeing this amazing breed grow and thrive within the US was beyond rewarding.

Right now, we’re laser-focused on growing our purebred flock while continuing to refine and breed up from different foundations. We’re all about offering reasonably priced sheep while being mentors to folks chasing their Valais dreams. At Hidden Valais Ranch, it’s not just about sharing info – it’s about building lasting friendships through our shared love for these amazing sheep.

We’d love for you to join us on this incredible journey with Valais Blacknose sheep—a journey filled with dedication, innovation, and a whole lot of love for these incredible creatures.

The original valaisdoll sheep